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EasyCare Paint Review

EasyCare Paint Review

Watch the above video review of the EasyCare paint sold exclusively at True Value Hardware stores.

I tested EasyCare out in my own bathroom. Here's my opinion:

  • Nice and thick
  • Above-average hiding power
  • No roll splatter
  • Very low odor
  • Exceptional value

Paint Prices

When you compare indoor wall and ceiling paint, you should always consider the price. Traditionally, cheaper paints didn't perform that well.

Guess what? There are apartment building owners that WANT A CHEAP paint. They just want to freshen up walls before a new tenant moves in only to mess up the walls in a month.

This is one reason there are low-cost paints. Some look good, but don't hold up.

Great Price & Performance

EasyCare is a great paint that doesn't leave you broke. It's not the cheapest by far, but it's not priced out-of-sight like some huge national brands that I've used in my home.

I'm convinced when you go into your local True Value hardware store and see how much it is, you'll do a double take.

You can also order it NOW if you want online. CLICK HERE to check pricing. Just realize what you gain in convenience not visiting a True Value store, you'll pay for in shipping.

Also, when you go to your local store, you can get any color you want. They'll match other brand-name paint color chip names. Bring in a different brand paint chip you love, and they'll mix it in EasyCare.

EasyCare Washable Paint

Here's a washable wall paint. I tried this in my bathroom and it cleans easily. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have this delivered to your home.

EasyCare Price

What you'll discover when you compare the price of EasyCare is that it's substantially lower in price than many of the top name-brand paints that perform just as well as EasyCare.

Why are these other paints so expensive? My guess is they spend more on advertising and/or the stores selling the paint have to make up so much of their soft business costs if they're just selling paint.

A True Value hardware store owner has hundreds and hundreds of other products they sell that they can use to spread out the soft business costs. But realize I used to eat lunch sitting on overturned drywall buckets and I don't have a master's degree in business administration!

CLICK HERE NOW to BUY EasyCare paint and have it delivered to your door!

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