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December 12, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Christmas is now less than two weeks away.

I know you're busy this time of year. I use this time to catch my breath and to do some strategic planning for the next year.

2018 is beginning to look like it's going to be spectacular. I had a phone call this past Friday I wish I could share with you.

If what was discussed comes to fruition, you're going to be the beneficiary of some amazing content. You know that I'll share more when I can, so please be patient.

Long Island & NYC Meet Up?

I have to be in lower Manhattan on February 8, 2018 to attend a one-day Internet conference. I'm thinking of staying on Long Island for the trip.

If you live on Long Island and want to do a meet up, now's the time to speak up so I can start to see how best to make it happen.

I could do a fast NYC meet up in lower Manhattan late afternoon on the 8th if you live in the city. Once again, SPEAK UP if you want me to try to make it happen.

Christmas Shopping at Amazon?

If you still have more shopping to do at Amazon.com, you can help this newsletter keep going.

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New Format Columns

Here are a few new format columns for you:

Roof Cap Shingles - Unique But Easy!

Glass Shower Walls - Crystal Clear & Clean

Bathroom Privacy Window Film - Cool Stuff Indeed!

That Pesky Word 'Assume'

Yesterday I awoke to a blistering email. I'm going to share it with you for several simple reasons.

I think you'll understand what they are after you read the eat-hot-death email:

"I received your non-answer to my question about using Stain Solver to clean a hummingbird feeder. I can't imagine a simpler question. In fact, if Stain Solver could indeed be used to clean a hummingbird feeder, I would think it would be to your advantage to let it be known. You say you need pictures? Why? I can only conclude from your stock email that you didn't read the question or you don't know the answer. I would say that it's your loss, not mine. I will continue using Stain Solver as I have for several years but I have to say I'm disappointed in your non-answer to such a simple question."

Here's some background. I've been doing email since the late 1980's. I wish I knew when I sent my first one now that I think of it!

Regular mail in paper forms sometimes gets mis-delivered. You and I think the postal employees lose it. Nope, 98 times out of 100 your mail ends up at someone's home and they THROW IT AWAY.

Email can also get *mis-delivered*. Electronic postmasters might think your email is SPAM and decide NOT to deliver it. Your email could end up in some weird tab in a person's HTML email software. The possibilities are as many as flavors at Paradis ice cream in Montrose, CA.

The gentleman that sent the above email to me made a huge assumption. He assumed I received his question about how to clean the hummingbird feeder.

I didn't.

There are perhaps ten, or more, reasons why I didn't.

What's more, let's assume it did make it into my email Inbox.

How many emails a day do you think I get? What happens if I'm sick? What happens if I go on vacation and completely unplug?

What could this man have done after 24 hours of not hearing from me?

He could have picked up his phone and called the Stain Solver hotline. The phone number is at the bottom of every page of the Stain Solver website.

I could go on and on and on.

Here's all I'd like you to take away from this.

If you send an email, submit a complaint using an online form, or ????, don't assume the other party got the message.

Don't take it personally. Just try some other form of communication and see what happens.

That's quite enough for today.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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