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Credit Repair Companies Must Protect You

Credit repair companies are quite different from one another. It makes sense to work with a company that's got many attorneys that are experts in credit law.

Some credit repair companies don't have on-staff attorneys. Here's why it pays to work with a credit repair attorney:

  • the bar in the state holds them to the highest level of professional conduct
  • the attorneys are up-to-date on credit law
  • the attorneys offer you their protection and leverage against unethical creditors

Before you make a decision to hire a company to help you fix your damaged credit, be sure you think about who's going to be held to the highest standard and who has been educated in all forms of business and professional ethics.

credit repair companies

Too many credit cards can damage your credit. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

How Can Credit Be Damaged?

Your credit can be damaged by bogus charges you don't catch on your credit statements. Your credit card information can be stolen using a fake scanner at a gasoline pump of all places. WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Here are other ways you can damage your credit:

  • owning too many credit cards
  • run up debt on your cards
  • make late payments
  • spend money outside your budget

What's the Best Way To Repair Credit?

I interviewed John Heath, a directing attorney at Lexington Law, in the above podcast. He states you can attempt to repair credit yourself, but you'll probably get better and faster results if you hire a professional company.

It's important to realize that creditors use the law in their favor so you should probably work with a company that's filled to the brim with expert credit attorneys.

Lexington Law in Salt Lake City, UT happens to be one of these.

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