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Connecting Wood Beams Video

Wood beams can be found in many homes. Remodeling may require you to install a new beam next to an existing beam that may be too short or too weak. Wood ceiling beams need to be through bolted when they are connected.

If your remodeling project requires a new beam to be installed or moved or extended, you have to bolt the new one to the existing beam properly. Structural engineers have determined that the use of through bolts is the best method. A through bolt has washers on each end and hex nuts on each other or a rivet type head on the bolt itself. The use of 1/2" diameter bolts is recommended.

You might have to use threaded rod and cut it to length with a reciprocating saw if the beams are too wide for a standard threaded bolt. Do not use lag bolts.

Final tip - use the correct size drill bit. The diameter of the drill bit has to be the same as the diameter of the threaded rod or bolt. That will prevent slop in the connection and keeps the beams from slipping. The bolt will have to be hammered through the hole. That is good; that means you have a good fit.


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