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Change Order Process Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I'm here on a frosty winter morning in New Hampshire. It is about 2 degrees below zero. I want to show you something but not sure how well this will come out.

I want talk a little bit about change orders and more importantly, making your mind up before you start a project to avoid mistakes. Here's what happened at this construction site.

I'm standing in the entrance hall of this home and off to the right is a little closet area. On the other side is another small closet. But here's the problem. It looks wide open now without the drywall but after the drywall is hung, it will be a little tight. But it gets worse.

The wall's not up yet but in this tiny little area, it would be a powder room. As you can see, it is already cramped even without the walls up. The small space in the back was going to be a laundry room. It may look big now, but once the washer and dryer are in place, you won't even be able to move around.

Over in this area, is an interior hallway leading to the garage. The back corner would be a dog bath. The problem is this whole area is way too crowded. It was a mistake on the plan that they didn't take care of before hand.

Now you know it's not happened? All these walls have to come down. The new plans are being drawn up right now. It is going to be expensive and be a little bit of a heartache but fortunately he was caught before all mechanics were in.

The problem is it is going to add some money to the job. So change your should be avoided. You really want to think through the plans carefully before you start construction. But if you do have to change something, you want to do it is as early in the process as possible before all the electric, all the plumbing, and all the drywall are installed.


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