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August 15, 2021 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Cork Flooring | Mt. Washington | Wet Basements

No wonder you're standing next to Don, Debbi, Preston, Antoinette, Dana, Cheryl, and about 50 other new subscribers who've joined the party since last Sunday. Welcome!

How about you, though? You may have been getting my missives for so long that you clearly remember my early thespian days of being the home improvement expert for the ABC-TV affiliate WCPO Channel 9 in Cincinnati, Oh. My boss told me to "...have fun and make the segments entertaining."

CLICK or TAP HERE and tell me if I did just that in this 20-year-old video! "...looks like he hit the wrong nail." Yep, that what the woman anchor said after the segment appeared on live TV in Cincinnati!

If you're reading this during the day on Sunday in the USA, I'm still on Mt. Washington. I arrived at the base on Thursday to help with radio communications for the historic Mt. Washington Hillclimb. It's also known as the Climb to the Clouds.

CLICK or TAP HERE to understand WHY radio operators are needed. The road is about 7.5 miles long and Travis made the trip in under 6 minutes four years ago. WOWZA!

I'll be getting back home Sunday night around 7 pm Eastern Time. Yes, I'll be beat!

Wet Basements, Crawls & Yards

Look at this photo:
perforated drain pipe
That's the style of perforated pipe I prefer to use to stop water from entering basements and crawlspaces. It also works great to dry out soggy yards.

CLICK or TAP HERE for a high-altitude recap of a few of my college hydrogeology classes. I GUARANTEE you'll discover something NEW about rain after it falls from the heavens!

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Man Shoveling

CLICK or TAP HERE to get FREE BIDS from local contractors for ANY JOB at your home.

Best Way to Patch Concrete

Look at this pathetic attempt to patch concrete:
failed concrete patch
You can see it crumbling and it's less than a year old! What's more, the patch makes a hump in the otherwise smooth handicap ramp.

CLICK or TAP HERE to discover how I would have made this patch so it wouldn't fail for at least 68 years and it would be in the same plane as the rest of the concrete.

How to Clean ANY House Siding

Do you have mildew, algae or ??? stains on your house siding?

STAIN SOLVER to the rescue!

CLICK or TAP HERE and tell me if your mildew and algae siding problems are worse than what you see in the two photos.

That's quite enough for a racing Sunday.

You simply can't believe how FAST those cars race up the Mt. Washington Auto Road.

CLICK or TAP HERE and tell me if you could survive being in the passenger seat the entire time with your eyes OPEN anytime AFTER 4 minutes into the video!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
CLEAN ANYTHING - www.StainSolver.com
Crossband Repeat - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Do you remember the bamboo flooring craze a few years ago? Do you know what makes one of the best floors out there? Cork! CLICK or TAP HERE to see photos of the cork flooring at my last house. I guarantee you cork will be in the man cave in my next home!


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