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OVERVIEW: This section of AsktheBuilder.com deals with legal jujumagumbo. I can't think of anything more distressing and distracting.

Disclosure Policy:

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I publish the guidelines concerning any product reviews you see on this website. Please read my Disclosure Policy.

Libel in Comments:

This website is open to comments. You will find user-generated comments under many articles and other pages. If you are making a comment, then do not commit libel. Libel is a written statement about someone that is not based in fact. State all the facts you want and allow other visitors to decide who is right.

As a website owner and publisher, Federal Law has been passed that offers immunity to me in case you do cross the line and commit libel. So to save all of us lots of time, don't do it. Just state all the facts of what happened and keep out all adjectives describing the person and his/her workmanship.

Your Use of AsktheBuilder.com:

I grew up in the age before personal computers. We had search engines when I was younger, but we called them the Yellow Pages. Do you still have one in your home? Go get it and look to see the fattest category - the one with the most businesses in it. Is it Attorneys or Lawyers? You bet it is.

Before we go any further, you need to know that many of my friends are attorneys. Seriously, and they have read this page with a grin on their faces.

These people need work and many create billable hours filing lawsuits, writing interrogatories, doing discovery, taking depositions, etc. All these things create billable hours.

You and I pay for this stuff in higher prices of many consumer goods. Think of ladders. Have you noticed how expensive they are? It's because a large part of the purchase price goes to a legal defense fund and insurance premiums for when some idiot sets the ladder wrong or overreaches while on the ladder and falls. The ladder company gets sued and decides to settle instead of fight. Remember, you *paid* for the ladder. That is an important point.

Well guess what? You're not being charged for the information you get from me. You get the tips and secrets from me for free. So for you to even think of suing me is unacceptable.

I'll go one step further. For you to admonish, chastise, criticize or complain about anything here is also unacceptable. If you feel differently, please close your browser now, go away and kindly never come back to AsktheBuilder.com. If you want to add a add to the discussion in the comments below any page here, you can do so but there's no need to be nasty or bellicose. If you're that kind of person no one here wants to hear what you have to say.

If you decide to stay, and I hope you do :-> , then you need to realize the following:

  • If you submit a question, story, recipe, image, drawing or photograph(s) to me via AsktheBuilder.com, you agree that I can publish, copy, reprint, etc. it on my website or in any other future publication in any format now known to man and woman and those yet to be discovered.
  • You agree that I'm allowed to record both your voice and video image in phone/video calls for future use and to protect  myself against damage claims.
  • When you submit any content, including recorded phone calls I use on my podcast or website to me via my Ask Tim page or any other submission page, or send it via email, you're automagically transferring your copyright to me into perpetuity. It's no different than if you had signed a work-for-hire agreement with me.
  • You agree I don't have to pay you now or ever for the content, including your voice recording, that you submit to me. Any and all advice or knowledge you take away from visiting my website, from a reply I send to you, from watching any of my free videos, or me talking to you over the phone or a video call is payment in full for life for anything you submit to me. If you don't like these terms, DO NOT UPLOAD anything to this website.
  • You agree to use any and all advice found at AsktheBuilder.com at your own risk. Here is but one example of thousands of things that might go wrong after you follow some of my advice:
    • Let's say you try to solder a copper pipe the way I describe (which, by the way, will produce a leak-free joint).
    • One month later, the joint fails because you made a mistake or the materials you used were defective.
    • The running water floods your house, all of your things get ruined, your pets and children float away and can't be found, toxic mold blooms and coats all surfaces in the house, and then your house collapses from wood rot.

In the event something like the above happens, don't have your lawyer/attorney contact me, have them contact your insurance company instead.

Why call them? Because YOU probably did something wrong, not me. It's time for people to take responsibility for their own actions and to stop blaming others for their incompetence or lack of due diligence.

That's it. See how simple lawyers make it to do business with AsktheBuilder.com?

Are you in a grumpy mood now? Well don't blame me, refocus that negative energy towards those who file lawsuits each day to keep our litigious society and economy on a roll.

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