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April 14, 2022 AsktheBuilder Preview

Holy Grail of Deck Sealers

I couldn't wait. I had to get my control sample out of the garage this morning and record a short video for you.

deck sealer test on cedar wood

It's possible I've discovered the Holy Grail of deck sealers. I wanted to share this PREVIEW video so you don't go out and buy another CRAP deck sealer in the next two weeks. With inflation RAGING out of control - and it's going to get much worse, you can't afford to waste one dollar on a loser deck sealer.

This coming Sunday is Easter. The newsletter is going to be quite short, so be prepared.

Easter is the holiest of feast days for us Roman Catholics and other Christians.

He is Risen!

For me, it's a day of deep reflection.

I'll be spending quite a bit of time during and after church parsing the recent past and pondering what lies ahead for me.

Kathy and I will most likely have a quiet empty-nest dinner eating some ham (not WHAM), smashed red potatoes, and green beans in a tasty cream sauce.

Not sure yet about dessert although I thought I saw some frozen date bar cookies left over in a bag in the back of the freezer yesterday as I was doing a materials inventory!

OMG, date bar cookies... One of my few weaknesses.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

P.S. WATCH the video, it's short. You'll discover WHEN I'm going to share the name of the product I used.


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