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Wet Room Ideas Podcast:

Tim Carter received a great wet room ideas email from Jen who lives in Texas. Read her comments below and then CLICK to LISTEN to the Wet Rooms Ideas Podcast.

She wrote:

"Hi, Tim,

I'm about to remodel my master bathroom. The concept of Japanese soaking tubs got me inspired and I hope to end up with a wet room (tub IN the shower space). I realize the tub and shower drain types are treated differently and have different sizes.

My question is twofold.

Part 1: The existing space to be used for the proposed wet room has an existing tub drain.  While I could use it for the built-in tub, can I get away with a single drain?  I believe tub drains are larger than shower drains. If I can use a single drain, would it need to be changed out to the smaller shower drain size?

Part 2: Would a built-in concrete tub absolutely require separate tub drainage than the shower, or can I have the tub drain into the shower space to utilize the existing (tub) drain?  You'll see my idea in the first photo - I have marked a blue dot on the outside of the tub where it could drain into the shower area. (photos attached for reference)"

Editor Note: The photos will not appear because Jen doesn't own the copyright to them. I can't re-publish them without the written permission of the photographer or copyright owner.

What are Wet Room Ideas Plumbing Issues?

Tim has been a master plumber since age 29. He can say without question the tub and the shower are treated as two separate fixtures.

This means they must have separate branch arms and vents.

What are the Correct Pipe Sizes For a Tub and Shower?

Tubs require a 1.5-inch drain. Showers must have a 2-inch drainpipe.

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