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Water Faucet Video

Drop the sink in the cutoff to check for a proper fit. Working on your back under the cabinet is not fun, nor easy. So install the faucet before dropping the sink into the opening. Using a pair of channel lock pliers and some plumber's putty, you are ready to install the faucet. Place the sink on a beach towel to protect the countertop. Check the faucet for markings - front or back - or for color coding - red or blue.

Applying some putty on the stainless steel sink, insert the faucet into the sink, making sure that the hot water is on the left. Use the channel lock plier to tighten the hex nut holding the faucet to the sink. Be sure that the faucet remains centered in the opening.

Drop the sink and faucet assembly into the opening. All that is left is to attached the water supply lines and drain pipe. The sink is now good to go.


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