Water Damage Drywall Repair

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Water Damage Drywall Repair Podcast:

Tim Carter received a water damage drywall repair email from Phil. Phil lives in Australia and is a virtual friend of Tim's. Here's what Phil wrote:


I’ve got a small area of drywall that is a bit of a disaster. My wife washes some clothes in a basin and overflows of water have led to the gruesome pictures attached. It’s a small area that I think I will need to plaster rather than put in strips of drywall sheets. The corner piece has metal through it. The skirting board will be replaced totally but the frame of the cupboard can be saved using wood petrified as per your video on that.

What would be the best approach to this and maybe make it more waterproofed next time?"

water damage drywall repair

water damage drywall repair

water damage drywall repair

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