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Travel Chess Set

travel chess set

Travel Chess Set | This is a rare wooden-peg travel chess set with inlaid wood squares. It measures just 6 by 6 inches unfolded! BTW, be sure to rotate the board 90 degrees from where you see mine. The black rook in the lower right should be sitting on a light-colored square, not dark. Buy one of these travel chess sets with the pegs if you can find one. Why? Some might consider it a gewgaw. What is a gewgaw? CLICK or TAP HERE to start your search.

Travel Chess Set - Lots of Fun in a Small Package

Here's my 50-year-old travel chess set. Most of the new ones you can buy today are magnetic and don't use the wood pegs and holes. I really treasure mine. It's made from real inlaid wood, not plastic!

Mine is only 6 x 6 inches when you have it all set up. It folds up to 3 x 6 x 1 inch when you store it.

CLICK or TAP HERE to order a set very similar to mine.

travel chess set

This is the set folded up. CLICK or TAP HERE to order one now.

travel chess set

Here's the embossed brass clasp. You don't always get this type of detail in newer sets. CLICK or TAP HERE to order one now.

travel chess set

I've included a note with my set so my kids don't pitch this when they send me back to Heaven. CLICK or TAP HERE to have a set delivered to your home.

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