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Tim Carter is using a sweet looking machine. It is a snow blower. This video will discuss the features and differences between snowblowers to help you when you are making your snowblower purchase.

While some snowblowers may look alike, there are differences. Check the width of the blade. In this video, there is a 24" and 26". While close in size, the larger one might be more difficult to turn and maneuver.

Chute control is another important feature. Some blowers use a handle to rotate the discharge chute from left to right. But some snowblowers require you do loosen a screw or knob to change the angle of the discharge chute. There are models that have all the controls at the operator’s position. The angle and direction of the discharge can be changed while standing at the handles. This is handy to change the snow direction without stopping the machine.

Engine size is a major factor. The bigger the engine, the more power available to handle snow. Especially important if you get a lot of heavy snow. Engines are not showing horsepower ratings any more. They tend to show the size of the engine in cubic centimeters (cc).

Another factor is how does the snowblower work. A dual stage, or two stage, snowblower has a front auger that pulls the snow back into the chute. The second stage is a high speed impeller that flips the snow up and out the discharge chute. This allows the snow to be blown out up to distances of 20 - 30 feet.

A single stage blower only has the front auger to collect and discharge the snow. The auger as it spins, shoots the snow up the chute. The snow is not thrown as far or as high.

If you are considering a snow blower purchase, talk with your neighbors about features of their's they like, or consider renting one to test its ability. Some of the larger ones are self-propelled. Many with different forward and reverse speeds. Things to consider if you have hills or just lots of snow.

If you don't like pulling and pulling to start the engine, look for a model with an electric start. Just push a button and it starts right up.

Above all, when you finally purchase your new snowblower, be sure to read the operator's manual and all the safety instructions.


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