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SAME-DAY Interview for Deadline-Frenzied Working Media:

If you're a member of the press and need me for an instant interview for a piece of national news or a local newscast, call 603-470-0508. I SCREEN calls so be prepared to identify yourself before I pick up the phone.

You also can get a FAST response via email:  tim at askthebuilder dot com.


If you're pitching a product, I need to see it and test it before sharing any results with my 25,000 newsletter subscribers, my 151,000+ YouTube subscribers, and my 60+ syndicated newspaper clients. The open rate of my newsletter is just under 50%.

That's my integrity-protection policy.

Please follow these simple steps:

Step One: Send a sample of your product or tool to:

Tim Carter Builder, Inc. 100 Swain Road Meredith, NH 03253-4614

Step Two: After you complete step 1, email me a press release with all details about the product or tool. Include color photo attachments or links to high-resolution photos. Send the email to:  tim at askthebuilder dot com.

Step Three: Contact me two weeks after completing steps 1 and 2 to ensure I received what you sent.

Here are some other things you should know: 

  1. Product samples sent to me for review are never returned because it's too resource-intensive
  2. Products sent to me are opened and looked at on a first-come-first-served basis
  3. Products that pass my stage-one evaluation are set aside and actual testing will proceed after a discussion with you