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Pocket Door Hardware Manufacturers

Pocket Door Hardware Manufacturers

There are five players that I know of in the pocket door hardware business. That is what it really is after all - the hardware. You can use just about any door in a pocket door system. It is the frame, track and suspension that really matters in a pocket door - not the door itself.

I have personally installed many pocket doors. Early in my career, I used the inferior frames that had no steel supports or strengthening ribs in the frame. The result was a disaster. As the frame warped, the door rubbed as it went in and out of the pocket. I finally began to use the frame and hardware made by the L.E. Johnson Company. Once I switched to this system, I never had another problem.

When you begin to shop for a pocket door frame and hardware set here are the things you should look for. The more of these features you get with your system, the better it will perform.

  • Look for a removable and a jump proof track. This is standard on many models.
  • Make sure the frame will support a 125 lb. minimum door. Can the door frame support a heavier door?
  • Are the frame uprights encased in steel? Are these rust protected?
  • Are the wheels one inch nylon?
  • Can you adjust the door without removing the casing?
  • Are the hangers three wheeled and self leveling ?

What? Too many things to ask? I will make it easy for you. It just so happens that the L.E. Johnson Company has all of the above features. Lawrence Hardware happens to come in #2. If I were you, I would simply contact all of the manufacturers below and see how they handle your request for information. Perhaps that will help you in making your decision.

  • L. E. Johnson Products, Inc.
    2100 Sterling Avenue
    Elkhart, Indiana 46516
  • National Manufacturing Co.

    P.O. Box 577
    Sterling, IL 61081-0577
  • Stanley Hardware
    480 Myrtle Street
    New Britain, Connecticut 06053
  • John Sterling Corporation

    11600 Sterling Parkway
    Richmond, Illinois 60071


Other pocket door hardware manufacturers:

  • Craftsmen in Wood Mfg.
  • Prime-Line Products Co.


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