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Peace Smart LED Bulbs

Peace LED recessed bulbs

Peace Smart LED Bulbs | These are the exact LED bulbs I've been testing. I absolutely love all I can do with these. They're great for mood and movie-night lighting. CLICK or TAP HERE or the photo to order smart LED bulbs.

Peace Smart LED Bulbs - Save Your Eyes and Sweet Moola

I've been testing Peace smart LED bulbs now for several months. I've been using both the recessed and normal light bulbs you'd put in a table lamp.

They're amazing. You can control:

  • color temperature
  • intensity
  • on/off
  • timer
  • any color
  • different automatic scenes

You do all this, and more, from an app on your smartphone.

CLICK or TAP HERE for a wide assortment of great smart LED light bulbs.

Are the Bulbs Easy to Program?

Yes, it takes less than 20 seconds for you to add a bulb to your app. It's very very easy and intuitive.

CLICK or TAP HERE to get FREE BIDS from a local handyman that can install these LED bulbs for you.

Is the Peace App Easy to Use?

Yes, the Peace app to manage all your bulbs is very easy to use. Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea:

peace app bulb list

This is the list of bulbs you have. You can name them so you know exactly where the bulb is. The grayed-out names mean that bulb has NO power going to it at this time. In other words, the switch is off on the wall.

peace app white color

This screen allows you to pick the color temperature using the sliding dot. You also control the intensity here.

peace app color bulb

This screen allows you to change the bulb color to any color you want. It's magic. CLICK or TAP HERE to order smart LED bulbs that will do this in your home tomorrow.

peace app scene screen

Having a party? Want the light bulb to change colors like the old lava lamps? You have your choice of SCENES and moods. COOL BEANS. CLICK or TAP HERE to have smart bulbs in your fingers and sockets in days.

Peace normal smart LED bulbs

Here's a pack of 4 Peace LED smart bulbs. CLICK or TAP HERE to get quality smart bulbs now.

peace LED recessed light bulb

This is the Peace LED smart bulb as warm as you can get it. It's probably around 2700 Kelvin. CLICK or TAP HERE to order great smart LED bulbs.

Peace LED smart light bulb

Magenta is one of my favorite colors. I've always felt it enhanced a person's natural skin color, but maybe I'm imagining that. It looks so much better in person. CLICK or TAP HERE to get smart LED bulbs that will turn colors for you.

Peace LED smart bulb

You can make the bulbs any color! Red and green for Christmas, Orange for Halloween, Brown for Thanksgiving, Red for the 4th of July. Green for St. Patrick's Day. Magenta for Tim Carter's birthday! CLICK or TAP HERE to get great LED smart bulbs.



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