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Klein Tools Stainless Steel 20oz Tumbler

klein stainless tumbler mug

Klein Stainless Steel Tumbler | It's the BEST ONE I've ever owned. Order TWO of them! CLICK or TAP HERE to order.

Klein Tool Stainless Steel 20oz Tumbler - My Favorite!

I have tested so many stainless-steel tumblers that come to me as swag that I've lost count.

I almost declined the request to test the Klein Tumbler because I couldn't believe you could improve on what I had seen.

I was WRONG!

What Do You Like about the Klein Tumbler?

I love two things about it in particular:

  • the diamond pattern silicone-rubber outer skin
  • the hidden silicon-rubber pad on the bottom

The diameter and the shape of the tumbler is perfect for my hand. The silicone-rubber outer skin allows you to hold on to it tightly even if the outer skin is wet. This is why car and truck tires are made from rubber, silly! Rubber is what you want if you don't want to slip!

Klein Stainless Tumbler Mug

This tumbler is the BEST ONE you'll ever own. If not, I'll buy you an Aglamesis pecande when we meet there at the store. CLICK or TAP HERE to order two of these bad boys.

Would You Buy Two?

Yes, I'm about to order a second one in case I lose this one. I use mine every day. In the winter it's filled with hot coffee in the morning. In the summer, it's iced coffee or chocolate milk. I love putting the tumbler in the freezer the night before. This way the cold liquids stay cold for hours and hours.

What About the Orange Lid?

The orange lid is fantastic. It's leakproof. I've tested it turning it upside down. It's easy to open the flapper to get access to the liquid.


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