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Kitchen Sink Back Up Video

Do you have a sink that is clogged up or runs slow? There are a few things you can do to get that drain flowing again.

First try that old fashion plunger. With the common clog, it normally just needs that gentle push to send it on its way. To use a plunger, cover the drain hole and fill the sink about 1/3 full. With the plunger firmly seated, give it a few up and down strokes. Remove the plunger and see if the sink drains.

If that did not work, bail out the water from the sink. Then pour in some chloride bleach to cut through the clog. Give it a chance to work. If that still does not free up the drain, get a commercial clog remover.

The thicker drain cleaners tend to work better. Follow the directions on the bottle. If that does not work, get a foaming type drain cleaner. This type cleaner actually fills the entire pipe with foam and hopefully with remove the clog. Be sure to follow the directions and wait the proper amount of time for the foamer to work.

If you still have a clog after trying all these steps, it is time to call the pros.


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