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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Video

The Carter kitchen was remodeled top to bottom. The restoration took nearly three months. At one point, it was a vacant room. But, it was worth all the time. They love the new kitchen and all it has to offer.

The steps in remodeling the kitchen involved removing all the old cabinets and countertops. To open up the kitchen to the breakfast room, a short bearing wall had to be removed. A new ceiling beam had to be installed to provide support for the wall that was removed.

All the old drywall on the walls and ceiling was removed. It took a week to chip up and remove the old kitchen tile floor. A layer of plywood flooring was also replaced.

The old double oven was replaced with an updated style. The old cook top was on an island in the middle of the kitchen. It has been moved to the side wall and surrounded with cabinets. The new island consists of floor cabinets and a deep-green granite top.

To hide most of the appliances, cabinet fronts are added to the refrigerator, dishwasher, ice maker and freezer drawers.

The custom made cabinets included all sorts of trim pieces to create interesting accent touches at the corners, around the sink and the cook top.

The old tile countertops were replaced with light colored granite tops. The light color made a great contrast to the deep colored island countertop.

Warm hardwood flooring has replaced the ceramic tile flooring. The new hardwood floor will be much easier to maintain.

The dust filled days of remodeling are long forgotten, now that the new kitchen is done. What a difference! But before you start your kitchen remodeling project, go to AsktheBuilder.com for remodeling ideas.


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