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Kitchen Make-Over

Randy King needed to update an older kitchen in order to help sell his house. Here is his story. Be sure to check out the photos below.

"Rehab of a 1950's ranch.  We wanted to add some wow to our project, and we know the best place to do that is in the kitchen, so we did.  AND it really helps to have some wow features around it as well like the tapered columns.

That was a real head-scratcher - how to cut the taper AND the miter for each board at the same time.  I ended up using a square sacrificial board that I screwed to the column board at the right angle for each cut.  Each sacrificial board lasted about 4 cuts before it was too small.

The property did not last one day on the market.  :-)"

Great make-over, Randy. Easy to see why it only lasted one day on the market. Thanks for sharing your story and photos.


DURING REMODELING - Photo Credit: Randy King

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