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Heat Loss Calculator Tools

Heat Loss Calculator Tools - Easy to Use

Heat loss calculator tools help you discover how fast heat seeps out of your home. You need a building heat loss calculator to properly size a furnace or boiler.

state proline xe combi boiler

A heat loss calculator was used to ensure this combi boiler was the correct size to heat a large 4-bedroom home in New Hampshire.

How to Calculate Heat Loss

There are lots of great free online tools that allow you to perform both a heat gain and heat loss calculation. You need to do a heat-gain calculation to properly size an AC unit.

In the old days before the Internet, you had to use a heat-loss calculation worksheet. This requires you to take measurements of all your exterior walls, the sizes of windows and doors, the amount of insulation in the wall, the wall construction type, the direction exterior walls face, and the things in the house that might create heat like computers, ovens, people, etc.

It's not hard to do the calculations, it just takes time to do all the measurements. You must do this accurately or else your final heat-loss calculation will not be accurate.

You'd do well to read true heat-loss stories about heat loss before you start taking your measurements.

Heat Loss Infrared Photos

It really helps to use an infrared camera when you do a heat loss calculator. You can spot places where insulation is not sufficient and make adjustments in your calculations.

Heat Loss Calculator Websites

Here's a partial list of free heat-loss calculator tools:

Stelrad Calculator


Engineering Tool Box


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