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How to Grout Mexican Tile

How to Grout Mexican Tile Video

Grout Mexican tile - it's a simple job if you do it in the right conditions and understand how water is both your friend and foe.

Mexican tile is a unique product that by its very nature absorbs water very fast. If too much water leaves the grout too fast, it can become weak.

Grout will become weak if you add too much water while mixing it. Grout that resembles moist applesauce is perfect. 

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Grout Mexican Tile While It's Damp

A point often overlooked is the weather while you grout. You may feel that sunny warm days with a breeze are best. 

The best weather to grout Mexican tile is when the temperature is in the 60s F range and the skies are overcast with no wind.

Hot sunny and breezy weather suck too much water from the tile and grout too fast.

If you must grout in these conditions, then be sure the tiles are very damp with water as you install the grout.

Use a Grout Bag

The best way to grout the lines in Mexican tile is to use a grout bag like you see below. A simple plastic food-storage bag from your kitchen will work too as you see me use in the video above.

Grout Mexican Tile

This is a high-quality grout or mortar bag. The small stainless-steel funnel slides into the bag. The grout must be like wet applesauce to flow out of the bag with minimal squeezing. CLICK THE PHOTO OF THE BAG NOW to have it delivered to your door.

Squeeze the Sponge

A special grout sponge is needed to smooth the grout joints. Squeeze out all water before you run it over the grout.

Grout can be ruined if you allow water to pond on the fresh grout. The water dilutes the Portland cement in the grout. This causes the grout to crumble and crack especially in cold climates.

Keep Grout Damp for Two Days

A point often overlooked is wet curing. You want to cover your new grouted patio with a sheet of plastic to stop water evaporation. Do this for at least 48 hours.

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