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FREE Stain Solver Smackdown Challenge

Fill out the form below and upload a great photo of the thing you want to clean using Stain Solver.

The top twenty photos I receive will get a sample size of Stain Solver. This challenge begins on January 10, 2020 and ends on January 17, 2020.

My decisions as to which photos meet the top twenty are subjective and I may be influenced by the IT (iguana translator) technicians that provide me with valuable input each day.

NO LOSERS: If you take the time to submit a fantastic photo, you get a PRIZE even if your photo is not selected as one of the top twenty. Just after submitting your photo, I will send you an email with a promo code good on any size from 2.2 to 50 pounds!

The promo code is only good until January 19, 2020, so don't procrastinate.

Stain Solver Sample Size

This is a sample size of Stain Solver. It makes either one or two gallons of solution. CLICK or TAP HERE now if you want to buy one because you don't want to take a photo. I'll gladly answer your questions as to how to use it. If I'm tied up, one of my IT technicians will assist you.

Your challenge is to use the sample to clean the item and then send me an after photo.

By filling out the form below and submitting it to me you grant me a perpetual non-exclusive right to use your photos on the Stain Solver website to show others that it really can get things clean. Your only compensation for the use of the photos is the free sample I'd send you.  Should you be embarrassed by your photo(s) and if you don't want anyone to know that the photo(s) of the item in desperate need of cleaning belongs to you, you can tell me to say your name is Oscar H. Dumptykins or Lucy Cocoacake.

But for the sake of this form below, use your correct name!


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Postal Code:

In 50 words or LESS, what caused the stain or what is the issue?

Upload first photo using this button

Upload a second photo of something else?

The third time is the charm. Upload a third photo if you want.


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