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Coast PX20 Review

Coast PX20

Coast PX20 | This is a must-have flashlight if you're outdoors at night hiking, stargazing, hosting a beach party, or invading Cuba, etc. It has a bright deep-red light so you can see things in the dark, yet preserve your night vision.

Coast PX20 - Preserve Your Night Vision

The Coast PX20 is a dandy small, but powerful, flashlight. As with all Coast products, it's top-of-the-line quality. I have several Coast flashlights and they are my go-to ones. They're simply the best flashlights I've ever owned or had in my hand.

Coast PX20

My attic was dark and you can see how it easily illuminated all the things around me. The red light is very effective. CLICK or TAP HERE to order the PX20 and all other Coast flashlights.

What are the PX20 Specs?

  • 315 lumens
  • Dual color / white and red
  • 465-foot range
  • IPX4 weatherproof
  • Bulls-eye spot beam

What Batteries are Needed?

The Coast PX20 uses three AAA batteries. Remember to remove them if you put the flashlight in storage.

How Bright is the Normal Coast PX20 Flashlight?

The white beam is extremely bright. You'll have no issues seeing objects more than a football field away!

Coast PX20

The white light seems as bright as the sun! You can't get much brighter.

How Long Will the Batteries Last?

Coast says you can get 1 hour and 15 minutes of continuous use from a fresh set of batteries. I suggest you invest in high-quality rechargeable batteries for the best long-term performance.

Can You Get a Free Coast Gift?

Yes, you can get a free gift from Coast for a LIMITED TIME. As of May 2021, this offer was still available. I'm sure it will eventually end so BUY NOW. Look at what I saw on my package:

Coast PX20

Be SURE your packaging says this and then flip up the tab held by my thumb to see how to claim your free gift. In my case, it was a handsome Coast knife. They makes superb ones, in fact, that's how the Coast business started! You do have to pay shipping, but that's pretty affordable.


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