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Camper Gets Interior Make Over

"My husband and I bought a gooseneck camper in 2011. It was an old camper and had carpet on the walls and ceiling of the sleeping area. The first time we used the camper, I could not breath while in the sleeping area. I had some kind of reaction to something in the carpet. I was so stuffed up and my chest felt tight like I could not get air.

So later I had some teenage grandchildren pull the carpet out. I did not take any pictures of the carpet in the camper. I have a picture of the carpet removed and of what I did to insulate and finish the camper.

I used a foam board that had foil on the outside and has a good R value. I also glued the stuff to the ceiling and walls as the camper is fiberglass. I was afraid to use anything but glue because of the possibility of cracking or putting holes in the outside shell of the camper and making it leak.

The window frames were tricky because the stuff I was using was much thicker than the original carpet. I removed the window frames and made little risers out of half inch strips of wood that I painted and screwed to the frames.

I am pleased with my work and so is my husband. I can sleep without breathing problems in the camper now."

Joy Davis

The inside of the camper before starting

Insulation is being installed as well as the Wainscoting

The finished camper interior

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