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AZEK Trim Molding Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to talk about some really interesting exterior trim board. It is made from plastic. But look at this, the corner board is actually plastic trim. It looks just like normal painted trim. It is a full 3/4-inch thick. This trim can be used around windows or doors. It nails and installs just like normal wood trim.

Here's the cool part - you can actually paint it! It can be painted but with a special paint that's made for plastic trim. And even the pigments are formulated for the plastic trim so the material doesn't overheat if it is put in the sun. It is however best to paint it a lighter color. On my project, I painted one side a dark green. I can get away with it because of the location of the shed, it won't receive direct sunlight. The one side faces North and is set deep in the woods.

The trim can be used around windows. It can be used as facia on the gutter boards. It can be used any place you would use normal wood trim. It looks great and it won't rot because it is plastic.

One final thing, it does have a signification expansion / contraction coefficient. So be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer's installation instructions. They will tell you how to allow for the changes in cold and hot weather.

This trim comes all different thickness, different widths and lengths. It should be available in the size you need. It is great when you are going for a low maintenance exterior finish. If you want white trim, you are in luck. You won't have to paint it at all.

This trim is by AZEK.


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