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Architectural Woodwork Video

If you want to change the look of a house and make it look like an older style home, just change some woodwork. For example, you can remove the standard door frame woodwork and install new Victorian style trim.

First, you need to remove the existing wood trim. Using a hammer and pry bar, carefully pull up the existing trim and set it aside.

To obtain the Victorian appearance, you can use a trim having a base block. Then the casing sits on top of the base block. Install a bead across the top of the door. Put a header on top of that and add a special crown molding cap.

Once installed, you will have changed the appearance of your house. You can check the yellow pages under Woodworking for specialty stores that can custom make the trim you require.

Fill the nail holes and add a coat of paint, and you will have your Victorian look. It is that simple.


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