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A Paper Bag Floor Project

Kathy Parks sent in some photographs of an interesting project that she is undertaking. It is a paper bag floor.

She's wallpapering her floor with paper bags to mask an ugly floor. The paper bags, once dry, get coated with clear urethane to make them somewhat durable.

We will let Kathy fill us in on her flooring project.

"Hey, I am attaching photo's of my "paper bag" floor that I am working on. Just thought you might find it interesting.

The room is big and I am having to do it half at a time. I put the floor down in 3 parts, then painted the walls. Then moved the furniture to do the other side.

Now I have laid down and stained the second half and am waiting for it to dry, so I can put the poly on and then paint.

This was my big idea, so my husband only helps me move furniture!! My knees and tops of my feet are blistered and bruised, but it is looking so great!!

And I'm almost done...one more week!

Thanks for letting me share."

Kathy Parks

Fascinating project, Kathy. We are trying to get more details about how she is doing the flooring. We will update this if she provides additional information.

Thanks for supplying some pictures of your project. They are shown below.

All photos furnished by Kathy Parks.

Photo Credit: Kathy Parks

The half to be finished. Photo Credit: Kathy Parks

Photo Credit: Kathy Parks

Section that has been finished and waiting to dry. Photo Credit: Kathy Parks

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