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Duluth Trading Men’s Crusher Hat

crusher hat

This Crusher Hat from Duluth Trading produces lots of shade. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Men's Crusher Hat Keeps You Cool and Shaded

Three years ago I wore a wide-brimmed hat all summer as I re-roofed my house. It was an ill-fitting leather hat that cooked my skull. I wish I had had the Duluth Trading Men's Crusher Hat that I tested yesterday while doing amateur radio at the historic Pumpkin Seed Bridge over the Pemigewasset River in central New Hampshire!

crusher hat

Here are a side and back view. You can see how it keeps the sun off my neck. The upper sides of the hat are a mesh allowing air to cool my bald spot. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

I'm praying for a Morse code contact. Doing low-powered high-frequency radio in a narrow gorge is not the best way to capture invisible radio waves from the ether. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Crusher Hat Preserves Duluth Trading Heritage

I've been a fan of Duluth Trading gear for decades. I was one of their first customers. I remember clearly when they started selling products to contractors.

Before the Crusher Hat arrived, I already knew it was going to be excellent. CLICK HERE to order one.

crusher hat

It's pretty obvious this hat works. My face is fully shaded and I'm not suffering from heat exhaustion because my perspiration can evaporate through the polyester mesh upper sides of the hat. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Four Colors

The Crusher hat you see on my head is their Steel Blue. They had two other colors that I was quite interested in, the Frosted Moss (a very interesting green), and Bark. It's a bold medium brown color. Let me know in the comments below what you think of them. CLICK HERE to see the colors using the change color tool in the right column.

If you want the African explorer or Outback conquerer-look, then Dark Kahki is for you!

Fit is Perfect | Crusher Hat Sizes are Accurate

I have a tough time finding hats that fit. My wife, She Who Must Be Obeyed (Kathy), tells me it's because of my ego. But I digress.

Suffice it to say, the 2XL size was perfect for my head. On hot days I know I'll appreciate the CoolDry® sweatband inside the hat.

You can see through to my hand inside the hat. The top and brim are solid to protect you from the searing UV and IR waves from the demon sun. The sides, though, are an open mesh allowing cooling breezes to envelope your noggin with fresh air. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

When you see that brass Duluth Trading logo, you know the hat is going to last and last. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

The Federal Trade Commission requires me to tell you that Duluth Trading sent me the Crusher Hat for free. After wearing it, I'd gladly pay for it. It does me no good to impune my integrity by telling you it's a great hat if it sucks. You'll never again trust one of my reviews.

Want to see how well I tell the truth in reviews? CLICK HERE to see what I thought of the Milwaukee Tool electric finish nailer. Milwaukee was so unhappy they stopped sending me tools to review.

I reviewed other items from Duluth in my June 13, 2010 Newsletter.

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