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  3. Are the joints between your miters big enough for a 747 to taxi through?
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If you answered Yes or Are You Kidding Me? in two or more of the questions above, you need my Instant Download Crown Molding eBook!

The only resource you need for cutting and installing perfect Crown Molding.

  • Contains 6 instructional videos that make the hardest parts EASY
  • Become a Crown Molding expert in less than 30 minutes
  • Over 25 large color photos showing every key aspect of your project
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions from beginning to end
  • Recommendations for tools needed and safety tips
  • Invaluable master carpenter tips are highlighted in color
  • NO instructions for using a coping saw nor a compound miter saw are included. WHY? Because you don't need either tool! Master carpenters for hundreds of years never had those tools. You don't need them either.
  • 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee
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I just wanted to thank you for a excellent eBook on Crown Molding. I just recently made this purchase from your website. What a wonderful on line tool and very easy to follow the directions. I want you to know that I am a rookie at this type of wood working, but your eBook made the job much easier and far less frustrating to complete the job that I was working on. Best part about all of this is that I am completely blind or visually impaired as some might say, but had fun working on this task. While I am very capable of working with selected power tools, the guide made the job that seems to be a serious challenge for many, very possible for me. Thank you for the help...

- Kevin O'C., Indianapolis, IN


I was fretting about doing the crown molding job I had, as I could not figure out how to use the compond miter saw to cut crown molding. I went to the compound miter saw sites and found their tables of settings jiberish (especially the day before the job). I found your site and coughed up the 20 bucks and I followed your suggestions about making the test strips and voila! Within a couple of hours, I literally couldn't believe I was making almost perfect crown moldings! Not only that, for each crown molding I layed, I tested the corners to be molded first, as you suggested, then took the correct test strip from each corner e.g, outer corner, left side, 45 degrees (plus the other side of the molding) inner corner, 43 degrees, right side with me to the saw. Then I replicated the strips (only using the correct length). Thank you. Best 20 bucks I have spent!

- Allan H., Centreville, VA


"I had a trim job that included crown molding coming up real soon. So, having never dealt with crown before, I prepared myself by reading whatever articles I could on the subject. I found your eBook the night before I was scheduled to do the crown portion of the job. I read it front to back several times and then printed out a "cheat sheet" which I kept right there next to the saw. I made no mistakes, wasted no material and the crown looks great! Thanks for the informative book!"

- John Kennedy

"I just reviewed the eBook – great idea setting up inside and outside corners of varying angles! This step alone will save me the cost of your eBook (in trashed molding material).

Thanks again!"

- Patrick Giacobbe

Discover The Secrets to Cutting and Installing Perfect Crown Molding:

Just seconds from now you can discover my secret tips for cutting and installing crown molding and the final steps of finely-crafted finishing details. In minutes, you will be making professional-looking miter cuts. This one-of-a-kind eBook will teach you everything you need to know for perfect crown molding installation! The cost for this invaluable tool is only $9.00.

This eBook contains many gorgeous step-by-step color photos and covers the following topics:

Here is a sample page to give you an idea of
how colorful, crisp and helpful this eBook is:

Sample eBook Page
This eBook is loaded with step-by-step color photos!
  • Required Tools and Safety
  • Positioning and Cutting Crown Molding
  • Inside Corners
  • Outside Corners
  • Ending Crown Molding on a Wall
  • Nailing Tips
  • Crown Molding On Top of Cabinets
  • Crown in 45 and 60 Degree Bay Windows
  • Crown Molding in Stairwells
  • Cathedral and Vaulted Ceilings
  • No Tedious Coping Required! Why? To create the cut line you follow with the coping saw, you have to cut the molding in the miter saw the way I show you in the eBook. Why waste time coping when you already have a perfect fit? No other publication I know of shows this trick to perfect fits in corners using just a miter saw!
  • Six Crown Molding videos covering: Miter cuts, installation tips, cabinet crown, fancy crown molding corner cuts, inside and outside corners, and more!


"I have downloaded numerous free articles on installing crown molding. I also bought two books on finish carpentry. Your Crown Molding eBook is by far the best I have ever read. Simple, easy to understand and insights no one else mentions." - Don Yoshikawa


"Your Crown Molding eBook was very helpful. I spent a day trying to cope the inside corners using Home Depot's $20 1-2-3 series with no success, but switched after reading your material. Thanks again!" - Scott Peterson


"I ordered your Crown Molding eBook a month ago. The BEST money I've ever spent. The molding in my spare bedroom looks incredible." - Scott Weedman


"I tried your on-line manual on crown molding installation for upper wall mount cabinets. Awesome! It worked just like you said it would. I ended up with a beautiful finishing touch to some rather drab looking upper cabinets. Thanks, again!" - Ian Cameron / Zamboni Construction / Sedona,AZ

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"Having the right knowledge is as important as having the right tools for any project. My Crown Molding eBook is an opportunity to discover the invaluable tips that determine the success of your Crown project. We are so confident that you will enjoy and benefit from this eBook that we guarantee your satisfaction, with our no-hassle, no questions asked return policy. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain."


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